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Beyond Daring – Brian Zembic

In a world as colorful as that of professional gambling Brian Zembic really stands out. While having remarkable skills and daring in professional level games of Blackjack and Backgammon, Zembic is more well-known for being a man willing to take on any bet, or odds.

For example, some of his friends wagered fifteen thousand dollars against him being able to live in a bathroom for a full month. The group quickly surrendered half the bet when they realized he would easily be able to win. He has a unique tolerance for extreme situations and behaviors, and this has helped him to reach a celebrity status for more than just playing his games of choice extremely well.

He is, perhaps, better known because of a particular wager he made in 1996. During a game of Backgammon with a friend, the two entered into a conversation about the extreme lengths some women were willing to go to for a body or appearance that was attractive to men. This discussion turned to breast implants and whether or not they were a ridiculous choice option for a woman to take.

Brian Zembic stated that he believed it wasn’t really that uncomfortable or unfortunate for a woman to get implants, which inspired his friend to “dare” him to get implants for himself in order to prove his point. Zembic immediately agreed, and the two negotiated a pseudo-bet. At that time both Zembic and his friend agreed that the discussion was hypothetical and more of a joke.

Later in that same year however, Zembic took some investment advice from this same friend and lost a considerable amount. Looking to regain the funds he told the friend that it was time to honor his bet. While the two debated the point, bringing others into the debate to help them decide, they finally agreed to official terms and the “bet” was on.

Officially Zembic would get implants no smaller than a “38C”. He would also pay for the surgery, and his friend would deposit the one hundred thousand dollar wager into an escrow account until a full year had passed. At that time Zembic could have the implants removed and take his winnings.

The immediate problem for Zembic was funding the surgery, and this was easily handled when he played a few games of backgammon against a friend who happened to also be a plastic surgeon. In only a few games his surgery was “paid” for.

Zembic had his surgery, and more than a year later the implants remained in place (as of 2005 he still had his implants). He drew a great deal of attention from his daring activity and made an appearance on the popular cable program “The Man Show” where he revealed his breasts to the cameras. A 1998 book, “The Man with the $100,000 Breasts” also attracted a great deal of interest in the professional gambler and magician. Today Zembic plays mostly in the online casino environment, and still does some regular performances as a magician.



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