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Extra Winnings with 'High Streak' Blackjack

There are dozens of varieties of standard Blackjack, with the variations coming in the rules of play, payout amounts or optional wagering features. The game has its origins in Europe, and today there are still some basic differences between European Blackjack, and the game played in most American casinos.

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Fundamentally the method of winning in all Blackjack games remains the same – players must hit twenty-one, or come as close as possible without going over (“bust”). The winner is the individual who either hits a “blackjack” or builds up cards to equal twenty-one, or close to it. The winner of a hand can be a dealer or a player.

For European Blackjack the standard rules vary slightly from what is played in American casinos as follows:

  1. The game is played from eight decks of cards that are re-shuffled after every round. While in the United States this is called a “shoe” game and has special rules around it, in Europe all games are played with this large number of cards that are frequently re-shuffled.
  2. A dealer is obliged to draw (“hit”) when they receive a hand of sixteen. They must “stand” on a soft seventeen – which means a seventeen composed of several cards.
  3. “Double down” is available only on hands of nine, ten or eleven. To “double down” a player must double their initial wager and take only a single card on their hand.
  4. “Double down” can be performed on splits. “Splits” are created by a player doubling their initial wager and then dividing their first hand of two cards into two new hands.
  5. “Splits” are allowed, but not on fours, fives or cards with a value of ten.
  6. No re-splitting is allowed.
  7. Early surrender is still allowed with half of a bet being forfeited, and only if the dealer has no Ace showing.
  8. No peeking allowed, meaning a player loses their total bet on a dealer’s “blackjack”.
  9. A player with “blackjack” is paid three to two on their wager, while insurance pays two to one on the bet. Insurance is a side bet placed on the dealer’s hand. This can create a “break even” situation for a player whose dealer is holding an Ace.

With these rules in mind, “High Streak” Blackjack introduces a new element to the standard game; a “side bet”. This feature pays out additional amounts to the winner of a round of Blackjack.

A player makes their side bet, and after two consecutive winning rounds gets an “even money” payout of one to one. Their third consecutive win will deliver a two to one payout; the third brings five to one on the wager and if a player wins four consecutive rounds after their first three rounds of “High Streak” they receive a ten to one payout.

What this means is a winning streak of eight games in a row will payout the biggest ratio to the winner. An experienced player with good strategy could use the rules of European Blackjack to build themselves some ample payouts on a good game of “High Streak” Blackjack.



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