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Liberal Rules for 'Super Fun' Blackjack

Standard Blackjack has firmly established rules for play. While there are over one hundred games that offer variations on the standard rules of play, they usually stick to the same foundations.

Standard Blackjack rules are:

  1. Twenty-one or the player closest to it without going over (“bust”) wins.
  2. Card values are – two through ten equal their face value, the Jack, Queen and King are valued at ten, and the Ace is valued at one or eleven depending upon its effect on the hand.
  3. A player can “hit”, “stand”, “double down”, “split” or “surrender”.
  4. “Blackjack” is through a two card twenty-one and usually pays a three to one payout on the player’s bet.
  5. A tie (“push”) between the dealer and player neither wins nor loses the hand and the player keeps their bet.
  6. A dealer must “hit” until they reach at least a seventeen.
  7. If a dealer “busts” bets are paid to all players at a one to one ratio.

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From this list of standard rules of play come the many variants of the game. One of the most flexible variations today is “Super Fun”. Referred to as either “Super Fun 21” or “Super Fun Blackjack” the game is incredibly popular at many casinos.

The standard rules of the game apply to “Super Fun” but the following variations are allowed:

  1. A game can be played with one, two or six decks of cards.
  2. Dealer hits a “soft” seventeen. This means that their hand could have two possible values because of the appearance of an Ace. So a dealer in “Super Fun” will have an Ace and a six card and is not obliged to “hit” again.
  3. “Double down” is available after a player has “split”. This means that a player, who has taken their two original cards, split them into two separate new hands and doubled their initial wager, can also double the wager on the split and take a single “hit” for each of the two hands.
  4. The re-splitting of hands can be applied on up to four hands, and can include aces. This could greatly increase the chances of a “blackjack”.
  5. Players can “double down” on any number of cards. This means that if a player has taken the maximum number of “splits” available they can still “double down” on each one.
  6. A player with “blackjack” always wins.
  7. “Blackjack” in diamonds pays a two to one against the initial bet, and all other “blackjacks” pay even money, or one to one against the initial bet.
  8. Players with five cards or more in their hand that total twenty-one win a two to one payout.
  9. Players with six cards or more totaling twenty automatically win the game (this is a variation on the “five card Charlie” rule where a player who has five cards without “busting” wins).
  10. “Surrendering” is available after doubling, and a player may take a “late surrender” on any number of cards. "Late surrender" means that the player gives up half their wager after the dealer has checked their own cards for a “blackjack”. A player can only use the “late surrender” prior to accepting any cards other than the original two.
  11. Lastly, players of “Super Fun” can double down or hit to split any Aces.

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