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Gambling and Humor with Max Rubin

Author, television host, consultant and analyst Max Rubin seems to be involved in every aspect of the Blackjack world. He is regularly seen on television in such programs as “48 Hours”, “Breaking Vegas”, “Sucker Bets” and in the two famous touring Blackjack programs; “World Series of Blackjack” and “The Ultimate Blackjack Tour”, for which he has served as expert and “color” commentator.

He has authored a highly successful and popular book titled “Comp City – A Guide to Free Gambling Vacations”, and he is one of the eight living members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. With a degree in UNLV’s College of Hotel Administration and a sharply honed set of skills at the game of Blackjack, Max Rubin is the perfect choice to author such a book.

What he covers in his book is basically how to present oneself to a casino in a way that motivates them to offer top level “perks”, without the player ever spending the kind of money usually required to earn such treatment. This can mean everything from free food and drinks to travel arrangements and entertainment all provided by the casino owners and staff members.

He also trains his readers in some tricky and secret techniques for a winning experience at the tables that include “low level card counting” in addition to the “comp” winning techniques that form the main thrust of the entire work.

His comprehensive knowledge about all aspects of Blackjack is available to the public, with the exception of “advantage play” – meaning card counting, steering, sequencing, hole carding, shuffle tracking, bobbles, signatures and other advantage play tactics. This assistance from Max Rubin is available only to the Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino which has an exclusive partnership with him.

At Barona, Rubin works to train the staff how to recognize and counteract many of the common “legal” cheating techniques. Though many of these activities are considered legal casinos still want to limit the impact on their profits and invest in Rubin’s skills as a sound method for self-defense and protection. Rubin will consult with other casinos to help them identify any illegal maneuvers or tactics however.

Another “exclusive” part of Rubin’s life is around the “Blackjack Ball” a well-kept and highly secret annual event that Rubin has hosted for over ten years. During the “invitation only” event, the world’s top Blackjack players meet and compete in a secret location. The players are all working to win the “Blackjack Cup” for that year and the coveted title of “World’s Greatest Blackjack Player” for the year in question. To gain entry to the Ball a player must reach the location and present a single bottle of chilled, premium, champagne at the door which serves as their ticket.

Rubin also makes himself available for speaking engagements, as a consultant for marketing, planning and customer service subjects for casinos, he assists companies with game protection, and he is available as a gambling escort who will teach players how to gamble to their best success.



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