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Basic Strategy for Blackjack

While there have been literally hundreds of books, essays and articles written about effective Blackjack strategies and methods, there are some basic facts that will help any player recognize a winning scenario from a losing one. This involves a simple analysis of the “odds” and rules of the game.

For example, the first thing any player must understand about a game of Blackjack is the significance of the rules that the dealer must follow. By taking the dealers limitations into account a player can then come up with an optimal strategy to play with. This optimal strategy has been perfected and is often referred to as basic strategy. With the use of basic strategy the houses edge is usually only about .5%.

Memorizing the basic strategy chart for the variation of blackjack that they are playing is very important. Why give the casino any more of an edge than it alrady has?

Basic strategy tells the player what the proper move is based on what card the dealer is showing and what hand the player has made. While the average player may not be a math whiz, there have been many players in the past to come up with this strategy and it has been proven countless times with computer programs.

A great way to memorize the basic strategy for blackjack is to play at an online casino for play money. Just print out the basic strategy chart and use it as a reference as you play. Eventually you will find yourself making decisions without even looking at the chart. This is where you want to be. Basic strategy should be engrained in your play and come like second nature.

The most difficult part of learning basic strategy is memorizing how to play some of the soft hands in which it is more beneficial to double down or just stand. Practice makes perfect, and I have found that playing while using the chart that pertains to your game is the easiest and quickest way to learn.

By using basic strategy you will have a leg up on most players who just assume the dealer has a ten. While this can be a decent strategy for beginners, it has no place in an experienced players game. The use of basic strategy is the best way to keep your losses to a minimum at blackjack. For example if you hold a 15 and the dealer has a 6 showing you are supposed to stand. Assuming the dealer has a ten would mean you take a hit here and could possibly bust before the dealer busts.

A great site that has an amazing tool for basic strategy is blackjackinformer.com. Simply select the rules and number of decks for the game you would like to learn basic strategy for, and it spits out the proper chart for your game. Check out this tool here and learn basic strategy today.


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